MAKEUP REVIEW: San San Eyebrow Powder Duo | Philippines

I tend to go with a daytime look, pretty natural, but I always fill in my eyebrows – I hate if I leave the gym and my eyebrows aren’t done; I’m just very uncomfortable with myself.

Olivia Wilde

You can’t leave the house without having decent eyebrows!😂

Hey there!

Welcome to another makeup review by me. There’s something special with this post because it’s also a tutorial. I will be telling you how I do my natural-looking eyebrows with the use of a product that comes from a local brand in the Philippines which is San San. It is under the company HBC – Hortaleza Beauty Center. I just recently tried out their products, and so far, I am loving them.

One of the products that I bought from this brand is their San San Eyebrow Powder Duo. I’ve been wanting an eyebrow powder for a long time already since I am not that much liking the result of drawing my brows with an eyebrow pencil. When I knew this product from San San, I said to myself: I must try it out.

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my honest views, basic knowledge, own opinions, understanding, and use of makeup. This does not aim to claim that my opinions on this product are right. This review is here to share you my expectations, experiences, and satisfaction with this makeup product. This review is not sponsored either.

Here’s the product:


Let’s start with the packaging. I truly liked how it looks. The mirror-like cover with a tint of blue made it definitely modern-ish.

Now, I’m going to show you its back portion.


This eyebrow powder is in the shade light-medium brown. I chose this shade because I believe that dark-shaded products will make my brows look harsh. ( my eyebrows are brown-black that’s why I don’t over-do my eyebrows. I want to keep them natural and fine looking when filling it in )

Moving on, I love this product because it has vitamins A, C, and E which is a definite assurance that I would just not enhance my brows, but also nourish it. ( Note: I won’t deal with it too much because I am no expert with it.😂😇 ) A big thumbs up for this product.👍👍

I bought this for around Php 120.00-123.00. I am really quite not sure of how much it costs now, however, I promise you that it’s just around that the range. For students like me, it’s pocket-friendly and worth buying because firstly, its price is affordable. Secondly, its quality is amazing. Thirdly, it really is safe for my skin, especially that I’m still a teenager and our skin is undergoing changes.

Inside, there’s a mirror and a small angled brush for the eyebrows. The applicator is tiny that’s why I use my own brush when using it, yet it’s useful mostly for me whenever I travel and when I don’t have much space to carry another brush for it. It’s handy-dandy!😉


Here are the swatches of the shades:


The colors are just right for my brows. Again, it gives a natural-looking effect for me.

Now, I am going to start my tutorial.

Natural Brow Tutorial

Firstly, I groom my brows by shaving the excess hairs from the natural shape of my brows. After my brows are looking all clean, I use a spoolie to brush down my eyebrow hairs, using the San San Eyebrow Powder Duo, I fill in the gaps – the spaces where there are no hairs. I fill them carefully, making sure I’m not applying too much product to maintain the natural look. After doing that, I brush up my brows and then I’ll do the exact same thing which is filling the spaces. I’ll be doing it on my other eyebrow, too. Lastly, apply clear mascara to keep them in place.

On the first picture below, you’ll see my right eyebrow is being filled in while the left one still has these visible gaps of hair. on the following picture, my eyebrows are all done!


Overall, the San San Eyebrow Powder Duo by San San is 9/10. You may have noticed that I reviewed it with all satisfaction, but I still did not rate it with a perfect score because I think it needs to be improved when it comes to its longevity. Nevertheless, the product is worth a buy.

Currently, I am loving this brand, and surely I am going to buy more of their products and review it for you. HBC has periods where they give huge discounts on some of their products. I stay updated about their great deals on their Instagram account: @myhbcph. You may also buy this online on their website.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed. May this be a help for some Again,


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Makeup Review: Careline Liquid Lippies | Philippines

Today is as beautiful as you are.

Hello! Here’s my first makeup review. The products that I will be showing you is from Careline, a local brand in the Philippines. These are the first line of liquid lipsticks from this brand. I have always loved this brand, and to be honest, I have a lot of makeup products from them. But I promise you, I will stay neutral and genuine with my comments.

My purpose on doing this makeup review and on the future ones that I will be making is that this will be a help for those who want to buy certain makeup products yet they are still wondering if those items are worth a buy.

If you want to have an idea with the latest Careline Liquid Lippies, just keep on reading.

Starting from the packaging of the product:


© The Rosy Backpacker

I’m surprised on how cute they’re packaging has changed. Before, there are not much of designs with the packaging of their products, but now, I am so amazed by how they made them so bubbly. These lipsticks are looking so adorable. I don’t even want to use it anymore! I just want to stare at it. I kid you just a little.😂😉


The price of a Careline Liquid Lippie is Php 125.00. It’s so budget-friendly especially for students like me. In just a week, I can save up to buy one.


Let’s move on with the products themselves.

I got my liquid lippies in three of their shades:


© The Rosy Backpacker



They have six shades: Apple Pie, Chocolate Cherry, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Smoothie, Tutti Frutti and Maple. All of them are matte finish. Yes. MATTE. By the time I knew they really are. I told myself that I really need to get them.😂

Now, I will be showing you their swatches or how they look on my lips.


© The Rosy Backpacker

I really like the Maple shade because it has a little nude effect and it’s good for everyday use. The Dragonfruit is a shade that fits with a glam makeup look, while the Apple Pie shade is perfect to match almost any OOTD looks and even for a formal or casual makeup look.

I tested out its longevity. I wore the Maple shade and ate lunch. After, I noticed that somehow, it left a tint on my lips. A thumbs up for that. I know that it’s not that nice to hear, but for its price, it’s a plus already.

Overall, I rate this 10/10 because these lipsticks went beyond my expectations. Honestly, I never expected too much with a Php 125.00 lipstick. These are already great, especially for beginners.

I hope that you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed taking pictures and testing them out. May this post give you a heads-up if you are planning to buy one of these lippies. What lipsticks do you love the most? Don’t hesitate to comment them below.

A always,





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Is My Mother A Perfect Wife?

It’s been a while since I posted something here on my blog, so I’ll be sharing you a very special write-up that I made months ago.

From the first time I laid my eyes, I already felt the best feeling in this world. It was the warmth of my mother’s love. My mother embraced me, and on that very moment, I already knew that she was somebody who will love me for the rest of my life.

My eldest sister with mom

A mother is not merely just a female parent as mentioned by dictionaries. It is way more than that. A mother is someone who will always be there for you from the beginning until the end. A mother is someone who will never let you down. She loves and cares for her family unendingly. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare everything. She cooks healthy dishes for her children. A mother helps in home works and school projects. She takes care of her child when he/she is ill. She is the one who will wipe her child’s tears when he/she falls down. A mother does things just like Wonder Woman. Mothers are more precious than gems. They are way more important on how you can imagine.


Now, what is a wife? From my observations as I grow up, a wife is someone who will always be there for her husband. Being a wife is being an essential part of a team, of her family. A wife is the person who will work hand in hand with her husband in any situations awaiting their lives. I really hate the idea that a wife is someone who is there to be subordinate to her partner. That is never true. A wife is the light of the home. She is there for her husband and her children in good times and in bad times.

Growing up with my father working abroad, my mother raises me and my sisters alone. She stands up as our mom and dad. She loves and cares for me and my sisters so much. Because of her, I am able to define the word “mother”. My mother, as a wife to my father, is indeed, perfect. I believe on that because for me, how a parent does is analogous on how he/she is a spouse, so if you are a great parent, you are a great spouse. In these times, most of the families are broken. One of the causes of broken families is the problem within the parents. Anyhow, it doesn’t mean that if your parents are not in good terms, your family would not be happy anymore. Another thing, if your family is broken, it would not make either of your parents’ role in your life lesser.

Honestly, having a broken family is not easy. Yes, it is based from my life experience. My parents may not be in good terms now, but it did not hinder our family to be happy in each morning that we eat breakfast together, in watching movies in our spare time, in strolling in the mall, and any other family bonding. We still enjoy our times together. Life is too short to be grumpy in things that somehow, can’t be easily mended, and you probably can’t have control with. Going back, my mother is the best mother. Nothing can change that. My family is beautiful, so my family is perfect. I believe that saying “perfect” will not always mean that there are no flaws. For me, being perfect is by causing joy to someone, or satisfying somebody’s needs, and providing them love that they receive unconditionally.

Me, my third sister, mom, and my second sister

My mother is always there for me and for my sisters. I am nothing without her. She is always there for me and my sisters no matter what. She wants nothing, but the best for us. There may be times that we quarrel, yet she will always be there to understand me. She never lets me and my sisters feel that our father is working hard far away, that right now, we are incomplete. That is how amazing she is. She stays strong when everything seems hard. She does her best, so that her efforts and my father’s efforts won’t go to waste. I can really say that everything I am right now is primarily because of her. She makes an impact to me that I will carry on every day and in any point of my life.

To sum up, my mother is the most influential and passionate person in my life. She is a perfect wife because she is always there for my father in any hardships that our family may face. Is my mother a perfect wife? Yes! I am proud to shout that to the world because she will always be the best mother and wife in the whole universe.

My beautiful mother

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Hi! Today, I decided to talk about a movie. This post will actually be a character analysis ― is when you evaluate a character’s traits, their role in the story, and the conflicts they experience as defined by study.com.

The movie “Zootopia” is an inspiring movie. It has shown that differences among the animals must not divide them. It has shown that unity will make lives more fruitful. These were greatly shown by the characters of the movie.

Judy Hopps, the main character, showed that nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams. Although she was a rabbit, and it was her nature to be short, she was not discouraged of her dream to cause change and peace in Zootopia, her community. Judy pursued her studies and proved that she could graduate as a policewoman. She successfully earned it. Judy serves as a very good example especially to young people that if there is a will, there is a way. Dreams do come true if you do your best. Another part where she was almost down was when she had her job. She was underestimated to the point that she was appointed to the least task. Even though it was really sad, she remained optimistic, and she still worked well. Judy Hopps’ character was completely motivating.

During Judy Hopps’ work, she met a hustler named Nicholas P. “Nick” Wilde. He was a red fox. Rabbits were really afraid of his kind that’s why there was a barrier between him and Judy at first. Judy remained tough because she was really bothered of Nick’s wrong doings. I can really say that the character of Nicholas was being very wise. He simply exhibited his personality as a clever businessman. Later on, Judy and he were together in solving the mystery in Zootopia.

Another character that amazed me was Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, an obese cheetah who works as a dispatcher in the police station. He displayed a jolly outlook that made me realized that we must be like him, we must not complicate our lives. Be happy and joyful of everything that you have.

The antagonist, Dawn Bellwether, a diminutive sheep who was the assistant mayor, was also one of the characters who has life lessons to tell. She was just like a typical worker that is stressed by the boss’ problems and wished that someday, she could take over. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of aim if it was thought in a positive way, but Dawn took it in an envious and desperate way which was totally bad. Her character tells us that dragging someone down doesn’t bring you up. Envy doesn’t bring any good to anyone.

Lastly, the most entertaining character from the movie was Flash, the “fastest” three-toed sloth in the Department of Mammal Vehicles. He was not just funny, but he was also showing a trait to us. It was being slowly but surely, yet here is a reminder, being like that may not be applicable always because in real life, if we tend to be slow, we may be left out in some of situations. All in all, Flash gave us a very good laugh and realizations.

Zootopia is a must watch not only for kids but also for grown-ups. This animated movie is more than just cute characters. This is a movie that will impart many realizations to anyone.

Tell me your thoughts about this movie too. I would love to hear them. 🙂

Note: These are my own understanding and opinions about the movie. I am not implying that what I say about it is right. We all differ in the way we perceive things. 🙂





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